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Jaký byl rok 2019 pro FUERGY?

Zveřejněno 28. 12. 2019 | Autor Eva Almasiova

Svátky jsou v plném proudu a konec roku 2019 prakticky za rohem. Vánoční shon už je pomalu pryč a my tak můžeme konečně zpomalit, vydechnout a začít si užívat tento čas plný radosti a pokoje. Čas, kdy se můžeme také v klidu zamyslet, co se nám v uply…


Jak vidí budoucnost energetiky nový obchodní ředitel FUERGY - Miroslav Struž?

Zveřejněno 14. 11. 2019 | Autor Eva Almasiova

Jaké změny v energetice můžeme v nejbližší době čekat? A v čem vlastně spočívá její decentralizace? I to jsou témata, o kterých jsme si povídali s obchodním ředitelem společnosti FUERGY, Miroslavem Stružem...


Na ECO ENERGY TOUR s Thomasem Puskailerem učíme studenty šetřit energii

Zveřejněno 26. 09. 2019 | Autor Eva Almasiova

Víte, jak vzniká elektrická energie? Jak jí můžete šetřit a proč byste to vlastně měli dělat? A víte, které spotřebiče mají největší spotřebu?


Futuristic Use Cases for Solar Energy

Zveřejněno 30. 05. 2019 | Autor Radoslav Stompf

Solar is commonly regarded as the energy of the future. It is ubiquitous and evenly spread throughout most of our planet’s surface. Solar systems are uniquely scalable, ranging from tiny handheld solar chargers to vast 580 MW solar farms that provide…


Solar Technology Today

Zveřejněno 23. 05. 2019 | Autor Branislav Safarik

Solar technology​ and especially solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are both in a stage of rapid development. As the price of solar energy has fallen dramatically in the past decade, solar generators have seen utilization in countless countries around th…


Renewables in U.S. III - Green Energy Just Round the Corner

Zveřejněno 02. 05. 2019 | Autor Zuzana Puchy

In our previous article, we were talking about barriers on the path towards sustainable and green energy which are imposed by the country itself. But the U.S. truly has the potential to disrupt the energy industry. It has a number of advantages that …


Renewables in U.S. II - Obstacles on the Road Towards a Sustainable and Clean Energy Future

Zveřejněno 25. 04. 2019 | Autor Radoslav Stompf

The United States (U.S.) have shown a consistent trend of increasing support for renewable energy, but there are some significant obstacles on the road.


Harnessing the Energy of Sea Waves

Zveřejněno 24. 01. 2019 | Autor Radoslav Stompf

Everybody is familiar with solar energy. Wind power is also very common throughout the world. These sources of green energy are widely known because the forces behind them — sunshine and wind — are found all across the world. Yet people rarely think …


Glass Battery  - a Peculiar Development in our Understanding of Physics or the Key to the Next Energy Revolution?

Zveřejněno 08. 01. 2019 | Autor Tibor Tarabek

If you invented a revolutionary item such as the modern Li-ion battery, most people would probably be consent with their achievements in technology and science. Luckily for us, John B. Goodenough is not like most people. Back in 2016, a team of scien…


Who Is Behind the Future of Energy?

Zveřejněno 29. 11. 2018 | Autor FUERGY

How it looks when innovators with FUturistic visions and specialists with the decades of experience in fields such as enERGY optimization, HW/SW development, and blockchain put their heads together? They create FUERGY — a whole new ecosystem that asp…


Why Are Li-ion Batteries Such a Big Deal?

Zveřejněno 27. 11. 2018 | Autor Tibor Tarabek

At the literal core of every FUERGY Device is a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. Although we are most proud of developing our own AI-powered software called brAIn, our vision could never materialize without the incredible technological progress that has…


Energy in India: The FUERGY Solution

Zveřejněno 15. 11. 2018 | Autor FUERGY

In a country with as much renewable energy potential as India, FUERGY will be capable of making an immediate impact for end-users and also assist in completing the government’s ambitious national energy goals.


Energy in India: Advantages and Opportunities

Zveřejněno 06. 11. 2018 | Autor FUERGY

Late mover advantage is something we usually hear when discussing late arrivals on newly created markets, for instance, how Apple dominated the personal computer industry despite launching the Apple II relatively late, or how Google overtook several …


Combining Batteries and Renewable Energy

Zveřejněno 16. 10. 2018 | Autor Tibor Tarabek

Global renewable capacity has consistently risen over the past several years. In a study published on the 2nd of October 2018, business consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan reported that by the end of this year, 154.6 gigawatts (GW) of new renewable pow…


A Totally Renewable Future is Within Reach

Zveřejněno 09. 10. 2018 | Autor Zuzana Puchy

Mandatory Green Energy? A report made by an Australian non-profit released in February of 2018 recommends solar panels or other renewables be compulsory for new homes built in Australia.


Trends in Climate Change III: The Wizards and Prophets of the Global Energy Debate

Zveřejněno 02. 10. 2018 | Autor FUERGY

With no end in sight to the growth of our energy demands, how will we be able to effectively power the world without exacerbating our impact on climate change?


The Duck Curve: Why Renewables Still Rely on Fossil Fuel Backups

Zveřejněno 13. 09. 2018 | Autor FUERGY

Non-renewable backups, such as this thermal power station in Bulgaria, must cover the decrease in production and the rise in demand that simultaneously occur each evening.
One of the biggest challenges solar energy faces comes in the shape of a duck.…


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