Who Is Behind the Future of Energy?

How it looks when innovators with FUturistic visions and specialists with the decades of experience in fields such as enERGY optimization, HW/SW development, and blockchain put their heads together? They create FUERGY — a whole new ecosystem that aspires to shake the foundations of the current energy business.

  • Publikované: 29. 11. 2018
  • Autor: Fuergy

FUERGY Group has developed its own sophisticated, AI-powered SW paired with highly scalable HW device. This unique solution helps the FUERGY Users to optimize their energy consumption, reach the full potential of their renewable energy systems and participate in the energy market. Utilizing blockchain the way it was originated (as a distributed ledger technology), and smart contracts, the surplus energy can be shared in the smartest and the most cost-effective manner.

Over the few years, collaborative consumption has proven its efficiency and popularity among people all around the world. The idea of sharing something that is not used by its owner at the time of consumption is widely applicable in various areas of our day-to-day life. When it works with homes (Airbnb) or cars (Uber) then why not with energy?
In the first article about our team, we are going to introduce you to the founders of FUERGY and the members of the managing board. Here we describe what they were working on before our project crossed their path, which positions they occupy at FUERGY at the moment and what they are looking to achieve in the energy industry of tomorrow.

Radoslav Stompf, Co-founder & CEO
Radoslav has more than twenty years of experience in developing control and optimization systems for the energy industry. He was a senior application consultant for IPESOFT, a leading provider of comprehensive IT solutions for energy and industrial companies in Central Europe. In 2014, he co-founded Smarten, where he secured energy optimization for large clients in figures of ten million or more EUR annually. Radoslav is now looking to utilize his professional experience to help shape the future of the global energy market.

Vladimir Miskovsky, Co-founder & CMO
Vladimir began working in marketing while in high school as a freelancer. By the time he was 18, he founded his first company where he handled everything: development, programming, management, and even financial accounting. This would later materialize into a full-service advertising studio for local clients. This was back in 2005 when he was still figuring out his place in marketing. At university, he studied visual advertisement with marketing. Later, he studied economics and law. Along with IT, this formed the base knowledge he uses daily in his work. In 2011, he became immersed in the startup environment where he initially worked as a marketing consultant, but would later actively engage in business activities and advise on marketing strategies. This pivoted him towards the blockchain industry and into new projects based on this technology, later leading to a discussion Vladimir had with the other founders about energy and blockchain that resulted in the conception of FUERGY.

Tomas Demcak, Co-founder & CIO
Since finishing school in 2004, Tomas has been involved in the development of software. He held a crucial role in developing software which is still being used by prominent Slovak energy companies (Slovnaft, Elgas, SE as). At IPESOFT Tomas met Radoslav Stompf, then they worked together also at Elgas, Tomas was in charge of a department that planned the purchase of electric energy on a day-to-day basis for the Slovak, Hungarian and Czech internal markets. After 3 years at the company, they founded SmartEn, offering advisory and optimization services to corporate clients from the energy industry. He now uses the experience from software development and the energy industry at various stages of FUERGY’s development.

Branislav Safarik, Co-founder & COO/CFO
Branislav has a background in innovation and business environment development that includes 5 years in Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank, a specialised banking institution founded by the Ministry of Finance and 3 years as the Director General of the Slovak Business Agency, a Joint Initiative of the EU together with the Government of the Slovak Republic promoting SMEs. Branislav has a great deal of experience in helping new ideas succeed in competitive markets also in the US where he spent a fair amount of time networking with San Francisco’s venture and innovation scene. He has worked closely with startups and disruptive businesses supported applied research and participated in the policy formulation in this field as the European Commission’s SME Envoy For Slovakia as well as a number of other private and public positions.

Rastislav Kuba, Co-founder & CTO
Rastislav spent over 23 years working for a company which focused on energy backup systems. He developed DC control systems for telecommunication power supplies and also alternating current control systems for cogeneration units and gensets. In the future, he wants to remain involved in making renewable energy work for households, creating a system that can utilize green energy to the fullest extent, with the goal of helping preserve our planet for the next generation.

Branislav Kopun, Co-founder & Director of Software Development
Branislav has spent over 17 years developing IT solutions for the energy sector. Since 2014, he has been the senior architect of Smarten, leading the design of applications for a variety of clients in the energy industry. Branislav has experience in managing teams of employees, particularly in the development of software and in mentoring. In recent years, he has taken an active interest in blockchain and looks towards its utilization in the energy sector.

Tibor Tarabek, CDO
Tibor is a business leader who is experienced in project realization and management. He was the founder of Microsoft’s subsidiary in Slovakia and served as its General Manager for 5 years. Tibor later served as the vice president of sales and marketing for ESET, the globally-renowned IT security company. In 2009, he founded Zaraguza Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency. Since 2012, he has worked as a project and marketing manager in the IT sector, later focusing on blockchain’s utilization in business. He was the chief information technology officer for the successful blockchain project DECENT and he was co-founder and an advisor for SophiaTX, a recently crowdfunded B2B blockchain platform.

Those people are not just experts in their fields. They were born to become leaders. Thanks to their personalities, positive thinking, and innovative ideas, they gained the full respect of the rest of our team. We know we can only win if we all pull together as one. In the next article, you will discover who else stands behind FUERGY and helps to make the world a better place to live in.

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We are living in the future of energy. Are you?


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