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Energy optimization by FUERGY in nutshell

It’s been more than a year since we installed our large-scale battery storage brAIn for a textile factory. One year is also a fair amount of time to evaluate the achieved results.

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There is only one planet Earth

Did you know that installing renewable energy sources is not as easy as it appears to be?

All over the world, power grid operators follow one important equation: electricity produced = electricity consumed. It means that at every moment, there must always be just as much electricity as the consumers need.

Fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas produce electricity whenever you light them up. But renewables can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to power generation. Like the weather alone. So, when the sun suddenly starts to shine, the operator of the power grid needs to find consumers for the excess energy. And what if there is not any counterpart? Then the energy is, simply said, thrown into waste.

This is what FUERGY helps to prevent. Our system either stores the excess energy in the batteries or finds a better use for it. With FUERGY, all energy sources, and especially the green ones, are used to the fullest and every customer has as much energy as he needs for the lowest prices possible.

Unique software and hardware

To be able to manage the energy flow in the most efficient way we have developed our own software development platform called mosAIc. This platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), or more precisely the neural networks, and allows us to build applications for automated energy management.

The AI plays a major role as it analyzes a wide range of data, creates certain patterns and helps the system to generate detailed predictions of energetic behavior.

FUERGY software constantly analyzes the needs of the energy consumer, the power grid and price development on the electricity markets and makes autonomous decisions based on the collected data. Through a special device called FUERGY Control unit, FUERGY software instructs the connected technologies such as batteries, renewable energy sources, energy-intensive systems or electric vehicle chargers to take certain actions.

So, when there is a surplus of electricity in the power grid for a lower price, the software instructs the Control units to start charging the batteries, electric vehicles or to turn on some energy-intensive systems. On the other hand, when the power grid is in a deficit of electricity, the software instructs them to start discharging the batteries or turn off some of the technologies. Not mentioning other benefits that the smart system brAIn offers.

Same technology, better results

Having solar panels paired with a basic battery system may sometimes lead to a situation when the battery gets fully charged and stays unused until there is a need for the stored electricity. The battery can therefore be inactive even for hours!

FUERGY solution harnesses green technologies to the fullest. It charges and discharges the battery even multiple times throughout the day for the maximum use of its capacity which also leads to more attractive financial returns.

Revolutionary outcomes

Our solutions for energy optimization are achieving outstanding results. We were able to increase the utilization of the electricity generated by solar panels from an average of 50% to approximately 90%.

In combination with 100% usage of battery capacity, we are achieving a 3-year payback period for whole solar plus storage systems. Taking into account that the lifespan of solar panels is around 25 years and batteries can last up to 15 years, the system can pay for itself at least 5 times.

Modern management of connected technologies and EV charging

brAIn is not only about battery management. In fact, this application can manage also energy-intensive systems with the potential for accumulation or regulation. That is because such systems can also act as a battery. It might sound a bit bizarre, but imagine saving on energy costs simply by letting brAIn control the daily operation of your chillers, air conditioners, heat pumps or air compressors. It would simply turn the systems on and off or regulate their input power according to the situation in the power grid while making sure that it doesn’t affect the site’s operation or the comfort of the users.

Smart of EV charging through a specially modified charging station can also be integrated into the FUERGY solution. The EV battery is charged when it is convenient for the power grid and owner of the vehicle. When needed, the EV battery can also provide electricity for the operation of the building where EV is being charged. This way the battery is used even while not driving and the owner pays less for charging it.

Solutions for everyone

FUERGY solutions are designed to fit all market schemes therefore they can be applied worldwide. Both on-grid and off-grid. They also solve energy problems at all levels – they help electricity suppliers to better monitor and plan the consumption of their balancing groups (i.e. the portfolios of their clients), they help producers of electricity to improve the production and sales of the electricity, but most importantly they help every single energy consumer to have easier access to green technologies, become energy self-sufficient and save on energy costs.

Platform for the energy of tomorrow

Aggregators of flexibility, prosumers, energy sharing, waste to energy or power to X. There are so many great ideas that can improve the energy sector in various aspects. But imagine having a different technology and software for each one of them. Managing them all together could be a challenge.

In energy, where everything is related to everything else, having one single platform on which all the solutions can be built is more than favorable. Our software development platform mosAIc allows us to build the applications for each of these trends and thus shorten their implementation time, make their interconnection easier, and achieve higher synergies.

End of compromising

There is no longer a need to choose between being ecological or economical. By making renewables a compelling alternative to fossil fuels we can speed up their global mass adoption. With our solutions, we can start the energy transition today and make everyone a part of it.

And what are FUERGY’s next steps?

We are going to strengthen our team, fine-tune our solutions and establish FUERGY on the European markets. Moreover, we plan to focus on the Energy-as-a-service model, meaning that we will provide our solutions to the end customers in the form of leasing.

Our goal for the upcoming decade is to become a modern global energy company offering complex products and services that eliminate our carbon footprint and offer significant energy savings for everyone.

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We are living in the future of energy. Are you?

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