FUERGY offers innovative energy solutions with in-house developed software and hardware.


Unique software platform on
which FUERGY products
are developed.

mosAIc is a software platform created specifically for the energy sector enabling management of various technologies such as energy storage, power sources or energy-intensive devices, data visualization, automated energy trading, billing and more.

mosAIc is suitable for:

  • Automation in the residential and B2B sector
  • System malfunction
  • Access
  • Billing systems for
    the energy sector


Implementation of neural networks for smart, predictive and automated energy management.

Neural networks are a crucial part of the prediction and trading algorithms used in products developed on mosAIc. Any variable whose behaviour or development can be monitored is subject to machine learning. Based on the knowledge collected, AI derives the predictions about the variable's further development and recommends the actions to take.


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Innovative technology allowing to turn a regular power grid into a Smart grid.

Control unit

Communication interface between software and hardware such as energy storage, PV or energy-intensive devices.

Hardware device built on ARM 32 bit architecture with an extension composed of μQseven module with 64 bit Intel® Atom™ processor and implemented software. It is an integral part of every energy storage solution brAIn by FUERGY which can be updated or controlled remotely through cloud server.

Power merger

Device allowing the parallel connection of three DC power sources without them influencing each other. Power merger ensures the operation continuity of connected devices even in case of a power source malfunction.