Lower energy costs through smart technology management

  • Automated
    software solution
  • Fast
  • Immediate savings
    with zero initial costs
  • Efficient reduction
    of CO2 emissions

Fully automated management of energy sources and technologies with the potential for regulation or accumulation:

  • Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Reservoirs and tanks
  • HVAC systems
  • Compressors
  • EV chargers
  • Other technologies and energy sources

How does flexibility brAIn work?

For each energy source and energy-intensive technology, we pre-define the conditions and limits within which the regulation can be activated. This will ensure that the activation of flexibility brAIn won’t interfere with the operation of the delivery point or reduce the comfort of the users.

Throughout the day and based on data such as electricity consumption of the delivery point, electricity price development or data about the electricity supplier's load deviations, flexibility brAIn offers certain "opportunities" during which regulation generates a positive financial effect. For each opportunity, it also specifies the volume of regulation power, i.e. reduction or increase in technology power output, which should be activated in order to reach the maximum financial result.

Activation of the technology takes place in a fully automatic mode, which guarantees the best possible financial results. The technology activation can be switched to manual mode upon request.

The delivery point is transformed into a low-emission, non-certified ancillary service provider saving not only its energy costs but also the production of CO2 emissions on a national scale.

The customer doesn't pay a single cent! This solution is based on a symbiosis of all parties involved - the customer who provides his technologies, FUERGY which has the know-how and the system to regulate it, and the electricity supplier who can redistribute the generated savings. The achieved financial effect can be reviewed by each party at any time in the FUERGY app.

flexibility brAIn is available as a standalone service or as an extension to smart battery storage brAIn by FUERGY.

Flexibility aggregator

Integrated aggregator for electricity suppliers

Maximizes the financial effect of balancing group management.

FUERGY software offers an option to aggregate the flexibility brAIn installed in several delivery points within one balancing group, manage them as one entity, and thus improve the cost-effectivity of the respective balancing group management.

  • Automated solution
  • Easy integration into suppliers’ energy management systems
  • Compatibility with external systems and databases
  • AI-powered prediction algorithms
  • Online reports and evaluations
  • Automatic summarizations for billing purposes
  • Interconnectivity with Measuring and Regulation technology