Energy as a Service

In cooperation with selected energy suppliers
we use our products to save costs
at the level of energy supply to offer
and guarantee the best energy prices
on the market.

You don’t need to be an energy pro to optimize your energy expenses.

We will do it for you!

Zero initial costs

Reduce your energy expenses without having to invest in expensive technologies.

Trouble-free implementation

Contact us and we assure you that we won’t waste your precious time.

Battery Storage
as a Service

Is your business's annual electricity consumption greater than 30 megawatt hours? Get all benefits of brAIn solution without a need to purchase any hardware. Allocate us a few square meters in proximity to the main switchboard and start enjoying:

  • Zero investment costs
  • Tailor-made green technology
  • Share of the profit generated by the storage
  • Data-proven reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 100-percent tolerance of electricity deviations
  • Partial coverage of micro-outages
  • Automated generation of electricity plans
  • Online overview of electricity production/consumption
  • Prevention of reserved capacity overrun
  • Compensation of the reactive power
  • Unbeatable electricity supply conditions
  • No worries about repairs and maintenance
  • No worries with paperwork and permits
  • Who is it for:
  • Utilities
  • Businesses
  • Home coming soon