Dispatch system for electricity suppliers

  • Complex overview
    of energy portfolio
  • AI-powered
    portfolio planning
  • Extra focus on critical
    delivery points
  • Boost of performance
    on the energy market

mAInchart dispatch system is suitable for electricity suppliers who want to monitor and plan the consumption of their portfolio more precisely, whether on the level of individual customers, customer groups or balancing groups.

mAInchart add-on

  • Reach higher profit on the electricity market
  • Extend the electricity trading to 24/7
  • Get the most out of your energy sources
  • Enjoy easy implementation and immediate savings

Using the data and AI-powered plans generated by your customized mAInchart dispatch system, we can manage and trade the electricity for you.

With two decades of know-how, we can quickly react on price development and power grid status to reach exceptional savings for our clients.