Smart energy storage solution

  • Lower
    utility bills
  • Improved green
    energy production
  • Non-stop protection
    against power outages
  • Energy

brAIn is a smart battery solution consisting of third party hardware parts such as batteries, inverters or BMS and FUERGY's proprietary Control unit and Power mergers.

The system includes energy management app built on our software platform mosAIc.

The system setup:

Certified FUERGY installation partner installs the battery, sets up the system, and connects your energy-intensive devices, green energy sources or Smart Charger.

AI starts learning about your energy consumption and creates your behavior patterns.

Benefits you gain

Extra profit for using the power grid

The battery storage can store excess energy from solar panels to be used when they are not producing electricity. This reduces the need to consume electricity from the power grid, which of course, also reduces final energy bills.

However, the primary and irreplaceable role played by the brAIn storage is balancing system deviations, i.e. surpluses and shortages of energy in the power grid. So-called non-certified ancillary services are provided, which helps the grid in exchange for financial rewards.

But most importantly, the delivery point always has as much electricity as it needs. Either from the power grid, solar panels, or from storage, according to what is currently the most attractive alternative in terms of price. This will ultimately result in lower energy bills and higher earnings for balancing system deviations.

As the smart battery storage brAIn actively earns a profit from aiding the power grid, the return on investment is increased in a significant way. In the case of high-capacity battery systems, we achieve a payback period from 2.4 years.

Smart Charger

brAIn by FUERGY accessory

  • Power your house or building while not driving
  • Use your EV battery to the fullest
  • Reach even higher savings
  • Discover Vehicle-to-grid functionality
  • Charge your EV with locally produced green energy

In cooperation with Sminn, smart charger is a specially modified charging station for plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles or their combination, compatible with brAIn by FUERGY solution.


Lower energy costs through smart technology management

The brAIn flexibility software solution automatically manages energy sources and energy-intensive technologies with the potential for regulation or accumulation, according to the situation in the transmission system, the development of the business deviation of the electricity supplier and the behavior of the consumption point itself.

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