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New dimension
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Who are we

FUERGY is a Slovak technology company that specializes in energy optimization and installed the largest smart battery systems in the V4 region.

We have developed our own, highly scalable smart battery storage system called brAIn and the artificial intelligence-driven software platform, mosAIc, on which we build applications for different types of energy management.

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What we do

We bring a modern approach to energy that transforms even the average consumer into an active participant in the energy market. FUERGY solutions save resources, emissions and costs for the benefit of our customers and society as a whole.

We offer comprehensive, tailor-made products and services with the support of full automation, designed not only for electricity consumers, but also for energy suppliers and electricity producers.

Our team consists of experts with decades of experience in a variety of areas of the energy industry, from process optimization to hardware and software development, electricity trading to project management.

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"While finishing projects focused on energy optimization for big factories, we realized the vast potential and advantages an energy efficiency solution could deliver. We founded FUERGY with the intention to offer such a solution to every single energy consumer around the globe."

Radoslav Štompf
Chairman of the Board & CEO of FUERGY

Energy as a Service

Trouble-free solution for your lower energy bill

In cooperation with selected energy suppliers, FUERGY’s EaaS guarantees unbeatable monthly savings.

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Smart battery storage solution

AI-powered battery management for lower energy bills, non-stop power backup, maximized green energy production, IoT control, EV charging and more.

Dispatch system for electricity suppliers

Online data monitoring and generation of consumption plans for energy supplier’s customer portfolios.

Automated regulator for energy sources

Management of energy sources involved in ancillary service scheme based on the development of electricity market prices.


Quick Facts

As of July 24, we manage:

  • 92095 kW Aggregated flexibility
  • 3022 kWp Renewables
  • 32206 kWh Installed battery capacity