Virtual batteries offer different advantages, what are the disadvantages

Virtual batteries can be thought of as an invisible piggy bank where solar surpluses are stored and converted into discounts on electricity bills

  • Published: 22. 05. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

Using solar energy contributes to the protection of the environment, eliminates dependence on non-renewable resources and saves money. However, solar panels in tandem with virtual batteries can bring even more freedom and lower electricity bills to your business.

Struggling to imagine how a virtual battery works? Want to know if it is the right solution for your company, or would you prefer to stick with physical batteries?

Below is all the information you need to help find an effective solution.

Battery storage as the key to greater independence

The sun’s energy is a renewable source that is freely available to all, and photovoltaics convert it into electricity using solar panels. However, there is one small problem – most electricity is produced during the day and may not be consumed immediately.

For this reason, a device designed to store electrical energy produced by means of solar panels is used. Battery storage simply stores electricity for the period when the photovoltaic panels are not producing, for example in the morning or evening hours, making it available for use when needed.

A physical or virtual battery can be used to store excess electrical energy. Physical batteries are part of the business or household where the solar panels are located, usually located near the distribution box. A virtual battery is the temporary storage of electrical energy.

Virtual or physical battery? Which is better for photovoltaics? There is no general answer to this question because it depends on the needs, preferences and financial expectations of the consumer. Each solution has its pluses and minuses. However, virtual batteries are becoming more and more popular.

A virtual battery is an alternative to a physical battery with many advantages. However, it also has disadvantages.

A virtual battery is more advantageous compared to physical batteries in terms of initial costs and lifetime, as physical batteries are limited in this respect.

The advantages of the virtual battery can be summarized as follows:

  • Use is possible immediately after activation without having to obtain permits.
  • Investment and connection costs are zero.
  • There is no need to deal with service and maintenance.
  • No worries about recycling.

A virtual battery works on similar principles as physical ones. The difference is that unconsumed electrical energy is recorded by special meters and stored in the distribution network where it is available to other consumers.

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The downside of virtual batteries is the distribution fees

Unconsumed electrical energy exists only in accounting records, which acts like an invisible piggy bank, converting solar surpluses into discounts on the price of electricity. However, there is a catch.

When the "unconsumed" energy is taken back, the electricity is returned for free but you pay distribution fees of approximately 58 percent of the price for business entities. So in reality, you get electricity from the distributor at only a 42 percent discount.

Other disadvantages include:

  • fixed monthly fees
  • electricity from the network is not purely green consumption
  • no protection in case of power failure
  • no allowances for procurement, no additional income and so on

FUERGY provides an effective solution regarding storage and the optimal use of electricity

Are you tempted to use a virtual battery but feel hindered by the disadvantages listed above? FUERGY offers a solution in the brAIn smart battery storage, which brings with it the advantages of a physical battery.

You will receive:

  • lower utility bills
  • more efficient green electricity production
  • protection against power failure according to agreement
  • higher energy self-sufficiency

All the necessary information on the functionality of the brAIn smart storage is available here: Guide to large-capacity smart battery storage brAIn by FUERGY.

Do you want to efficiently store and optimally use the energy obtained from solar panels and by doing so, gain more energy independence and even lower electricity bills? In that case, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a tailor-made solution for you.

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