The brAIn battery storage is already owned by Eissmann Automotive Slovensko, a production company in Holíč

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to manage resources efficiently, for a range of reasons. The efficient use of electricity helps reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, which has a positive impact on the environment. Optimizing energy consumption also reduces costs and improves the overall financial sustainability of companies. At the same time, such solutions support independence from energy imports and, last but not least, they also enable better management and control of the energy infrastructure.

  • Published: 03. 08. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

We can probably agree that these are all good arguments as to why companies should consider optimizing their electricity consumption. The Holíč branch of the German automotive component manufacturer, Eissmann Automotive Slovensko, s.r.o., is among the firms that have taken such a step. The bonus here is that not a single euro of investment was required on the part of Eissmann. On the contrary, the company's new green solution ultimately turns a profit for them. How is it possible?

What distinguishes the Eissmann operation?

The inconspicuous company located in Záhorie was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Eissmann GmbH, headquartered in Bad Urach, Germany. The Eissmann company in Holíč produces interior accessories from natural and synthetic leather for the automotive industry. The annual electricity consumption of the plant is approximately 5.5 gigawatt-hours, which employs more than a thousand employees during each three-shift operation. Production is suspended at the weekend.

The site includes a number of production lines, robots and presses located on a total area of 28,900 m². This generous space also includes a production hall, the roof of which offers perfect conditions for the installation of a solar power plant. Solar panels may be installed in the second phase, as part of the expansion of the portfolio of green technologies operated by Eissmann.

Solution design and installation process

As with any installation, we began with an energy audit, examining in detail the Eissmann’s electricity consumption diagram - specifically, the company’s 15-minute consumption data for the last two years. This is the best way for us to design a battery capacity that is neither oversized nor undersized, but used exactly to 100%. In this case too, we designed the smart battery storage brAIn with a capacity of 432 kWh, which was installed in an exterior container.

The subsequent installation process here did not present any significant challenges. After placing the container on the premises, we filled the container with a communication and distribution switchboard. This was followed by inverters with a total output of 400 kW and LiFePO4 batteries from Pylontech. The interior of the container was also equipped with a modern aerosol fire extinguisher suitable for electrical equipment.

Before the official launch of the storage, the batteries had to pass a so-called forming test, where we monitor their charging and discharging in test mode in order to detect any possible issues. After forming, the storage is ready for immediate operation. From this moment on, profits are generated and CO2 emissions saved.

The entire process ,- from the initial preparation of the base for the location of the storage to its launch into official operation - took approximately 6 months, with great thanks to the excellent cooperation from Eissmann.

What did Eissmann gain?

Battery storage for free and an annual financial reward

First of all, it is the battery storage brAIn that Eissmann obtained for free from its energy supplier - Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby, s.r.o. (hereinafter as SEES). This is possible within the model Smart battery storage brAIn as a Service. The storage generates profit from providing so-called non-certified ancillary services.

The investment is gradually repaid to the supplier, while part of the effect is also shared with Eissmann. SEES has a guarantee from us that the investment will be repaid within 5 years, even after the profit splitting between all the participating parties – Eissmann, SEES and FUERGY. Thus, Eissmann collects a reward annually for providing the possibility to regulate its energy consumption via the brAIn storage. After 5 years, the amount of his reward even increases.

CO2 savings

Annually, our brAIn battery system can save approximately 400 tons of CO2(e) emissions. After deducting the total carbon footprint of the production, installation and disposal of the brAIn storage - 264 tons of CO2(e) emissions - Eissmann will reduce its carbon footprint by a staggering 136 tons of CO2(e) emissions. The storage will thus pay off its carbon debt in the first year of operation, which means that Eissmann will save a full 400 tons of CO2(e) emissions in each subsequent year.

Zero worries

Whether it is the Energy as a Service model or the direct purchase of storage, the customer need not worry about anything in either case. All applications, permits and other administrative procedures will be handled by us or the energy supplier.

We always adapt the installation process to the customer's needs in order to obstruct operation as little as possible. In this case, we solved everything at the weekend when Eissmann is closed.

Regular service and maintenance of the storage remains under the direction of FUERGY. Since the storage container is not located in a dusty environment, we will visit the customer every 6 to 12 months. However, we monitor the storage 24/7 in order to identify any malfunctions in due time.

Eissmann also has an app where the historical and online electricity consumption, planned consumption and battery storage performance can be viewed.


Are you interested in this project? Then do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made solution for you, with which you will save not only your costs, but also emissions.

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