Active and passive options for carbon footprint reduction. Do you know how to help the planet?

Solar panels are one of the active options for eliminating carbon output from energy production. Passive options include, among others, recycling or upcycling. Do you want to get involved? We have some tips for you.

  • Published: 04. 07. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

The world has been forever affected by the consequences of climate change and there is increasing evidence that the planet urgently needs our help. The increase in fires, extinction of endangered animal species and the lack of natural resources is only a small part of this carousel. It is high time to deal with our excessive carbon footprint, which is largely a consequence of the consumer lifestyle.

The good news is that as businesses, households and individuals, we can help slow down global warming by making the right choices. For example solar panels are an active way of eliminating carbon emissions. One of the passive options is, for example, better insulation of property and living spaces.

Solar panels are not the only active possibility to reduce our carbon footprint. What are the others?

Solar panels produce green electricity. However, you don't have to stop at just installing the panels, you can go even further and set really ambitious goals in terms of sustainability.

The brAIn smart battery storage can analyze a wide range of data in real time and make forecasts to ensure correctly timed energy consumption. Such energy management reduces pressure on the electrical network and the need to ensure its stabilization through fossil energy sources.

FUERGY covers services related to the operation, maintenance and service of battery storage FUERGY. Compared to fossil fuels, such energy is more efficient, faster, cheaper and produces zero emissions.

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Other active ways of eliminating CO2 emissions are:

  • Adjustable appliances, or automated smart homes are investments that significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For example, air conditioners, thermostats, smart ecological light bulbs or smart sockets.

  • The services of TÜV SÜD, a global provider of sustainable energy efficiency solutions, are also worth mentioning. The company performs product and service testing, energy audits and assessments and energy certifications in order to contribute to climate protection.

  • Electromobility is about transport without direct emissions, which is not reliant on fossil fuels. Batteries in cars are charged with alternating or direct current, which can be generated from renewable sources. Interest in electromobility is also growing in Slovakia, because according to SEVA statistics, more than 3,000 electric cars were sold in 2022, which is twice as much as the year before.

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Passive ways of reducing our carbon footprint

Passive solutions for eliminating carbon emissions are important as well. What are the options?

  • By insulating property, you can save up to 50 percent of heat loss, which will have a positive impact on CO2 emissions and your wallet.

  • According to the Euractiv survey, energy-saving appliances are mainly used by households with a lower income, and half of the middle-income respondents have energy-efficient windows and thermal insulation at home.

  • Energy saving can be realized in many ways, such as setting a lower temperature on the thermostat, using energy-saving light bulbs or using proper ventilation methods.

  • The rate of recycling is still insufficient in Slovakia, because in 2020, almost half of municipal waste ended up in landfills. Slovakia's goal is to recycle 55 percent of municipal waste by 2025. Every one of us can contribute to this goal.

  • Choosing more ecological modes of transport, such as cycling, walking or public transport.

  • Upcycling, or creating new things from old products or materials.

Let's not be indifferent

Even small changes can make a big difference. Therefore, let's not be indecisive but do our best to ensure that our planet provides decent living conditions for future generations as well.

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