Connecting smart battery storage to the distribution network: what is involved?

We developed the smart battery storage system brAIn with the aim of reducing costs at the energy supply level and providing energy optimization to all market participants.

  • Published: 08. 08. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

Currently, the energy sector is struggling with several problems, such as inefficient production and consumption of electricity, losses in energy transmission or financial losses that consist in the use of outdated technologies.

It is the same with the use of solar panels. Although solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular solution for obtaining energy from renewable sources, solar energy is often wasted.

This occurs even despite using physical or virtual batteries. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but if we were to lean towards a more efficient choice, the physical battery would definitely win.

FUERGY can manage energy flow efficiently

At FUERGY, we are aware that it is essential to find a way to effectively manage the flow of energy and we have come up with a solution – the smart battery storage brAIn, which brings a greater financial return to any energy source, including presently installed solar panels.

The smart battery storage brAIn is exceptional in that it brings energy optimization to all market participants from households, through small and medium-sized enterprises, to large companies.

The large-capacity brAIn battery storage also connects to the distribution network. If you're wondering what the process entails, read on.

3 prerequisites for connecting the brAIn smart battery storage to the distribution network

If you want to connect the brAIn high-capacity battery storage to the distribution network, it is necessary to:

  1. Obtain approval from the distribution company similarly to the case of a new delivery point or solar panel system.
  2. Meet the technical standards and administrative requirements for storage. Individual components must be certified for use within the EU, otherwise the storage operator faces a hefty fine.
  3. Properly monitor and manage the storage through a reliable energy management system (EMS). This is essential for management and control, otherwise it may happen that the capacity of the storage is not fully used, the batteries degrade quickly or a poorly configured storage will cause irreversible losses for the project.

How to ensure this? Currently, FUERGY is the only company in Slovakia that has managed to successfully connect a high-capacity smart battery storage system to the distribution network. And not only connect, but also successfully operate while achieving attractive economic returns.

Risks of improper battery storage monitoring and management

There are several risks associated with the poor management of high-capacity battery storage connected to the distribution network. What are they?

Unused storage capacity

One of the problems with insufficient management of high-capacity battery storage systems is not using its full capacity. Often, less than two-thirds of batteries' total capacity is used, resulting in a longer system payback period. However, this does not apply to the smart battery storage brAIn, which uses all capacity to the maximum.

The maximum use of the brAIn battery storage capacity brings:

  • A payback period starting from two years.
  • In the case of installation together with a solar panel system, from five years.

Rapid decrease of usable storage capacity

The smart battery storage brAIn requires maximum gentle operation, which guarantees its long service life. The reasons why the usable storage capacity of the smart battery storage brAIn year-on-year declines by only about 1.5 percent are as follows:

  • Individual types of batteries have specific technical requirements.
  • Our software, with an effective EMS, charges and discharges batteries as gently as possible and only to a certain depth of discharge.
  • Online monitoring of battery storage detects potential battery problems or malfunctions in a timely manner.

Improper charging and discharging can result in a year-on-year drop in battery capacity of up to 30 percent, causing the storage system to lose value and not return investment costs.

Destruction of batteries

By far the biggest risk of improper battery storage management is battery ignition. However, if the battery storage is in our control, then this and even the previous scenarios are not a threat. Why?

  • We use certified TŰV batteries based on LiFePO4 technology, which minimize the threat to life.
  • In the event of a malfunction, these batteries will start to smoke, but they will not catch fire.
  • Unlike Li-Ion battery storage systems, which can only be situated outdoors, brAIn systems are suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

At FUERGY, we take care of everything for you

Do you want to avoid all the risks associated with the use of battery storage? Invest in our brAIn smart battery storage. Contact us today and get a number of other benefits, such as lower energy bills, higher energy self-sufficiency or reduction of carbon emissions.

New dimension of energy optimization

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