Flexibility brAIn – a zero-cost software solution that saves both money and the environment

FUERGY's brAIn flexibility is a simple way to give a new purpose to old appliances, earning money without you even knowing about it. We're talking about a solution that helps the power grid by increasing and decreasing energy usage at the right time, receiving a financial reward for that help.

  • Published: 18. 01. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

Digital transformation is bringing new perspectives and new opportunities to the energy industry. Software solutions for technologies such as heat pumps, cooling systems or solar panels are slowly becoming a key pillar in helping to automate and streamline energy processes. Firstly, aiding companies with harnessing and monetising the untapped potential of the technologies they operate, and secondly, contributing to a more flexible and greener operation of the power grid. It is simply innovation in the true sense of the word, with which everyone wins.

Among such solutions is the brAIn flexibility, popular among FUERGY customers just like the brAIn smart battery storage.

How does the flexibility brAIn work?

The flexibility brAIn is a software solution that provides fully automated control of energy sources and energy-intensive technologies that show a potential for accumulation or regulation, such as heat pumps, furnaces, storage tanks and reservoirs, heating and cooling systems (HVAC), compressors and electric vehicles.

The management of energy sources and energy-intensive technologies, or the increase and decrease of their power usage, is carried out according to:

  • the situation in the power grid, or whether there is a surplus or shortage of electricity in the grid
  • electricity prices
  • the needs of the electricity supplier, and
  • the energy needs of the customer itself

The flexibility brAIn works on the same principle as our brAIn smart battery storage, i.e. the provision of so-called non-certified ancillary services, for which it receives a financial reward.

Instead of charging and discharging batteries, however, the flexibility brAIn regulates the power consumption of energy-consuming appliances and the power output of energy sources within preset conditions and limits. These limits ensure that the activation of flexibility brAIn does not in any way affect or compromise the operation of the delivery point or the comfort of users.

Based on predictions and online data, the software determines time periods within the day during which power regulation will generate a financial effect. It also defines the amount of regulation electricity, i.e. the reduction or increase of power of the technologies that are suitable to be activated by the given technology.

The regulation of devices is usually carried out through the customer’s measurement and control system, in a fully automatic mode, which also guarantees the best possible financial results. Manual control is available on request.

The flexibility brAIn in practice

– an example of a cooling system solution

  1. Firstly, we define the control range and limits for the cooling system performance. In this example, let's assume cooling to a temperature range of 20 °C to 25 °C.

  2. As soon as the software evaluates that there is a surplus of energy in the power grid, it will increase the cooling system output.

  3. The increase in power continues until either there is no longer a surplus of electricity in the grid or when the limit of 20 °C is reached.

  4. The same principle is applied in the event of a power shortage in the grid. The software then switches off the cooling system and switches it back on when the temperature reaches 25 °C.

  5. By regulating energy consumption, the device helps to stabilise the power grid in an emission-free manner and receives a financial reward in the form of a success fee.

Reducing emissions without installing green technologies

It should be noted that the role of the flexibility brAIn is not to reduce the electricity consumption of the machines in operation. It thus may happen that the owner of a technology pays less even if there is a higher overall electricity consumption. The reward provided for helping the grid is simply higher than the extra electricity consumption from the power grid.

And it is not just about money. Such technology regulation helps the power grid to deal with surpluses and shortages of electricity, as is currently the case with the predominantly fossil-fueled sources involved in the provision of certified ancillary services.

The flexibility brAIn thus effectively replaces the work of fossil resources and contributes significantly to reducing carbon emissions. Companies can report the emission savings on their ESG report thanks to our collected data.
Technologies that were once just simple appliances are thus gaining a new use that is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

Benefits of flexibility brAIn

The flexibility brAIn is an innovative solution that comes with several attractive benefits:

  • zero-cost software solution
  • fast implementation
  • immediate savings
  • demonstrable CO2e emission reductions reported in ESG reports, and
  • access to a web application with real-time data on energy consumption and the financial effect generated

By its very nature of helping companies to save on energy costs immediately and without having to invest a single euro, the flexibility brAIn is a part of our Energy as a Service model. In the next article we will discuss what conditions a technology must meet for effective regulation. Don't miss it.

Are you ready to be part of the renewable energy revolution and take your energy independence to the next level? Contact us today! Our experts are here to help you find a solution tailored to your needs.

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