Sparking the Green Energy Revolution

A recent New York Times magazine issue (published on the 1st of August 2018) was wholly devoted to the story of the world’s missed opportunity to effectively contain climate change in the 1980s. It discussed an era in which the world’s leaders came to an understanding of climate change and realized its destructive potential, coming close to a definitive international agreement that would stem the release of carbon dioxide and slow down the warming of our planet.

  • Published: 21. 08. 2018
  • Written by: Fuergy

Like many fatalistic discussions regarding climate change, the issue placed the weight of responsibility on the world’s leader. How easy it is to point fingers at the world’s leaders instead of examining humanity’s use of resources on a global level.

Real change on the worldwide level has never occurred solely thanks to signed agreements or handshake deals. In regards to human energy behavior and our self-destructive drive born of our dependence on fossil fuel, change must come on a structural level.

At FUERGY, we argue that change on a global level must be based on a clear and observable benefit that can be seen on levels ranging from individual to international. Specifically, we believe that financial motivation is the best and most comprehensive argument in favor of changing one’s behavior.

This isn’t a radical idea. The famous economist and philosopher Adam Smith described what he termed as “The invisible hand”:

He generally, indeed, neither intends to promote the public interest nor knows how much he is promoting it. (…) He intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.

In essence, human self-interest on a larger scale leads to benefits for everyone, regardless of whether they intend it or not. FUERGY is taking the most obvious form of self-interest, monetary gain, and making it the primary motivating factor behind the adoption of green energy on every level, ranging from households to entire cities.

When placed in a suitable environment (e.g. sunny or windy conditions) or aided by government subsidies, renewable energy makes sense for a significant portion of the world’s population. However, high entry costs and shoddy ROI prevents it from being adopted all across the world.

Through FUERGY, people can finally make the big leap towards green energy on a scale never imagined before. How do we achieve this? First, we optimize the energy consumption, then we leverage the user’s battery as energy storage and use the FUERGY’s AI-powered software called brAIn to automatically trade excess green energy with other FUERGY Users. This means that FUERGY Users not only reduce their energy consumption, but they also manage to sell all that extra energy, greatly increasing the financial incentive behind going green.

FUERGY can make green energy worthwhile for anyone who is a user of renewable energy or wants to begin harnessing it. With our system, we can not only make people break even on their renewable energy investments but even potentially make money in the long term.

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