FUERGY starts green recovery with Slovenske elektrarne and EaaS solution

Recent innovations have made green energy more accessible than ever. The smart battery storage solution brAIn by FUERGY is now available for rent from the utility company Slovenske elektrarne together with the solar panel system...

  • Published: 21. 10. 2020
  • Written by: Fuergy

After the successful installation of the first smart battery storage brAIn by FUERGY in Senec, there is another battery storage from FUERGY in the Slovak power grid. The battery has a capacity of 432 kWh and stores energy from the installed solar panels, with a capacity of 499 kWp, ensuring the generated renewable energy is efficiently used within the premises. The solution was financed by Slovakia's largest electricity producer, Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby.

Rooftop solar on textile factory

Revolutionary concept EaaS - Energy-as-a-Service

There is still a low amount of green energy utilized in Slovakia and unsuitable weather conditions are not the reason. Even with the state allowances, the investment needed for purchasing a renewable energy source is high and the payback period is very long. Energy accumulation offers a solution for the payback period; however, it also increases the initial cost. Smart management of batteries and local energy sources from FUERGY and Energy efficiency-as-a-service solutions from Slovenske elektrarne can solve both.

FUERGY smart energy management allows for effective energy usage and eliminates energy losses. The implemented AI solution charges and discharges battery according to the needs of both the delivery place and the power grid. Thus, it can lower energy-related costs and speed up the payback period.

On the other hand, EaaS works on the same principle as software-as-a-service. Simply said, the customer does not buy the software licence and only pays a monthly fee for access to the software. Besides lower costs, the customer also gets hassle-free implementation and 24/7 customer support.

Textile factory turns green

The first customer of EaaS by FUERGY solution is MULLER TEXTILES SLOVAKIA. By simply providing a space within a short proximity to the building's switching station, our battery solution was installed. But what has the company gained? Firstly, cheaper electricity and financially attractive green energy generation without any investment at all. Moreover, it can also lower its reserved capacity and reactive power, use the battery as a backup source or optimize the consumption of heating and cooling devices. As a bonus, the company also gets a monthly payment for renting the space for the battery.

This is what the installation looked like:

PV panels alone are not able to ensure reliability and economical effectiveness. Therefore, they cannot replace fossil fuels entirely. However, nowadays with advances such as energy accumulation, smart management systems and affordable prices, anyone can become a prosumer. In FUERGY, we believe that with the concept of EaaS we can increase the demand for renewables and successfully start a green recovery. Embark on this journey with us and follow us on our social media.

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New dimension of energy optimization

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