How does the brAIn smart battery storage work?

FUERGY’s brAIn battery storage changes the rules of the game on the energy market by bringing financial savings to both users and the power grid, all while eliminating energy waste. If you're wondering exactly how all this works, read on.

  • Published: 22. 08. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

The smart battery storage brAIn provides more than just lower energy bills, improved green energy production and energy self-sufficiency. Thanks to a variety of unique advantages, the battery storage brAIn by FUERGY is becoming an important player on the energy market.

What does the brAIn smart battery storage do in short?

Before we look at how the smart battery storage brAIn works, let’s start with an introduction. It is a sophisticated system that stores and releases electrical energy when it is most suitable. This electricity can come from renewable sources, such as solar panels, in which case the stored energy can be used when the solar panels are not producing electricity, most often in the morning or evening.

But the brAIn does more than just store surplus solar energy. It primarily helps to balance system deviations in the power grid. This is done by storing electricity from the power grid when there are surpluses and releasing it when shortages of electricity occur. The battery brAIn thus helps to stabilize the power grid, for which it is financially rewarded. Thanks to such actively generated profit, the investment in the brAIn storage can be repaid much faster.

Still not sure how the brAIn smart battery storage works? Let’s break it down:

  • Based on the analysis of a wide range of data, the energy management system evaluates when it is best to charge or discharge the batteries with a specific amount of electricity so the delivery point, i.e. the customer, always has as much energy as is needed.

  • A storage of energy occurs when there is an excess of electricity available, either from solar panels or from the power grid

  • If there is a shortage of electricity in the power grid, this stored electricity is released. The delivery point relieves the extra burden on the power grid by ceasing its electricity consumption, or reducing it.

Despite the effective leveling of system deviations, the brAIn smart battery storage always provides as much electricity as is needed, either from the grid, solar panels or batteries, depending on what is most cost-effective. The result is higher earnings and lower electricity bills.

The core of the smart battery storage brAIn is its energy management system

The Smart battery storage brAIn provides numerous advantages and consists of:

  • the batteries
  • several electrical components
  • energy management system (or EMS) developed on our in-house mosAIc software platform. It is the “brain” and heart of our battery storage, because the EMS effectively manages energy usage through the FUERGY Control unit.

The energy management system performs several tasks, such as:

  • monitoring the current weather
  • recording and resolving an interrupted electricity supply,
  • monitoring what is happening on the customer side and within the entire power grid plus many others.

This means that any situations that arise are efficiently handled in exchange for which it earns a financial reward.

Ancillary services

Situations called system deviations usually occur in the power grid. An ideal state can be considered the situation when there is exactly as much energy in the power grid as is being consumed. However, there is usually an excess or lack of energy.

Solving system deviations, i.e. the withdrawal or supply of electricity to the power grid, is under the management of the TSO, who procures the so-called ancillary services.

Ancillary services are divided into:

Certified ancillary services are provided by entities contracted by the TSO, which must meet certain technical criteria. Their task is to balance system deviations, i.e. surpluses and shortages of electricity in the power grid. Or in other words, provide positive or negative regulation electricity.

These entities receive financial rewards for the provided regulation electricity as well as for being available. However, the opposite also applies, in the case of an inability to provide regulation electricity, these entities are fined.

Non-certified ancillary services are provided by the smart battery storage brAIn directly at the delivery point via the electricity supplier. Based on a wide range of data, the EMS monitors and predicts system deviations in order to help the power grid and receives a financial reward.

The advantage is that the entities providing non-certified ancillary services do not have to comply with the TSO’s technical criteria, which means that they can balance system deviations whenever it is possible and financially attractive for the delivery point.

Saving not only your wallet, but also nature

  • When providing non-certified ancillary services, the brAIn stabilizes the power grid in an emission-free manner, which efficiently replaces predominantly fossil providers of certified ancillary services and saves emissions.
  • The results of the product life cycle analysis (LCA) are also worth mentioning. According to the brAIn’s LCA, its carbon debt is mostly payed off as early as the first year of operation.
  • The customer can report the achieved CO2 savings in his ESG report.

How to get your smart battery storage brAIn?

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of our brAIn smart battery storage for your business? Providing you buy electricity from our partner energy suppliers, nothing stands in your way.

In case of a lack of available funds for solar panels and the smart battery storage brAIn, you can use the Energy as a Service model, which saves money and the planet from the first moment you start using our system.

Contact us today! Our experts are here to help you find a solution tailored to your needs.

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