Ecological advantages of smart battery storage brAIn

The smart battery storage brAIn supports more efficient local energy production, reduces carbon emissions, and its end-of-life recycling is ensured by professionals.

  • Published: 10. 10. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

The smart battery storage brAIn brings interesting economic advantages, but it also shows indisputable benefits for the planet. Get to know its ecological benefits.

The smart battery storage brAIn is a solution for intelligent energy accumulation. Its primary task is to analyze past, present and future data, such as the state of the power grid, patterns of consumption at the delivery point or electricity prices. Based on this data, the brAIn automatically manages the charging and discharging of batteries. In doing so, every charge or discharge is always the most economical choice.

The smart battery storage brAIn by FUERGY even brings better utilization and thus also financial returns to such energy sources as solar panels, even if the panels are already installed.

4 The ecological benefits of the smart battery storage brAIn

They say yesterday was too late. Sustainability is key to maintaining quality life for us and future generations. The smart battery storage brAIn is not only about financial benefits, but also numerous ecological advantages. How does the brAIn save the environment?

1. Supports more efficient local energy production

Many experts agree that the future of humanity is moving to the local level, and for survival it will be necessary to build not only local self-sufficiency, but also to restore mutual cooperation. Energy self-sufficiency goes hand in hand with our battery storage, which provides more efficient local energy production.

The brAIn storage is constantly charged and discharged during the day according to the needs of the customer and the power grid. It can thus continuously release battery capacity to store excess solar energy from solar panels for later use, for example in the morning and evening hours. Thanks to this, the customer gets the most out of his locally produced energy and does not draw it from the grid, thus becoming more energy self-sufficient and eliminating carbon emissions.

2. Proven to reduce CO2 emissions

According to the International Energy Agency, global carbon dioxide emissions from energy and industrial processes will increase by 0.9 percent in 2022, reaching a new high. Nevertheless, emissions grew less than originally expected. We can thank the production of solar and wind power plants for this.

The smart battery storage brAIn can not only store excess energy from solar panels, but it mainly helps the power grid to manage system deviations. In other words, by properly timing the charging and discharging of batteries, surpluses or shortages of electricity in the power grid are handled. Such grid assistance is also called non-certified ancillary service.

The brAIn storage thus effectively replaces certified and predominantly fossil-based providers of ancillary services, thereby reducing the load on the electricity grid without producing emissions . Our brAIn battery storage systems can save tens of percent of emissions, also for customers who lack suitable conditions for installing a local energy source.

Thanks to a wide range of collected and maximally transparent data, we can evaluate the emission savings for any time period. After deducting the input carbon footprint of the installed storage and energy sources used in our solutions, the customer receives data on his net emissions savings. These are expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent and can be used for the customer’s ESG report.

3. Recycling is in the hands of professionals

The batteries used in our storage systems are far from the end of their useful lives. However, in the event that we still need to dispose of some, we count on SEWA a. s., which is a proud member of the European Recycling Platform.

4. Can be upcycled

Upcycling is a relatively new term that means turning waste, discarded or unnecessary materials and products into new ones. In this way, items see another high-quality use, which has a positive impact on the environment.

After usable capacity drops below a certain limit, the batteries from our storage can be further utilized as a backup energy source or uninterruptible power supply, a so-called UPS.

The smart battery storage brAIn and its technological advantages.

Are you impressed enough by the benefits of the brAIn smart battery storage that you would appreciate a tailor-made solution for your company as well? In that case, we will be happy if you contact us.

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