Economic advantages of the smart battery storage brAIn

The brAIn battery storage provides a wide range of benefits. In this article, we will shed some light on the main economic benefits.

  • Published: 03. 10. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

Economic advantages of the smart battery storage brAIn

The brAIn battery storage brings intelligent electricity storage to the energy market, reducing energy bills and lowering carbon emissions. However, there are many more advantages, for customers, the power grid and nature.

The smart battery storage brAIn is a revolution in energy storing. It can analyze and evaluate a wide range of past, present and future data, for example electricity prices, the situation in the power grid or the weather forecast. The brAIn system automatically controls the use of battery capacity, the local production of green energy or the consumption of energy-intensive devices, always choosing the most economical solution.

The battery storage brAIn by FUERGY is not only an ordinary accumulator for storing night electricity or excess solar energy produced by solar panels. Our brAIn storage is based on properly timed charging and discharging of batteries, always with an eye to ensuring enough electricity for the delivery point and generating the maximum financial reward.

The brAIn storage brings our customers, the power grid and the planet several attractive advantages, with many economic, ecological and technological aspects. We will now explain more on the economic benefits of the brAIn smart battery storage which you simply must know about. What are they?

The smart battery storage brAIn saves your wallet

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of the brAIn smart battery storage is the ability to reduce energy bills. We can divide the economic advantages as follows:

1. Bringing extra profit for helping the power grid

The battery storage can store excess energy from solar panels to be used when they are not producing electricity. This reduces the need to consume electricity from the power grid, which of course, also reduces final energy bills.

However, the primary and irreplaceable role played by the brAIn storage is balancing system deviations, i.e. surpluses and shortages of energy in the power grid. So-called non-certified ancillary services are provided, which helps the grid in exchange for financial rewards.

But most importantly, the delivery point always has as much electricity as it needs. Either from the power grid, solar panels, or from storage, according to what is currently the most attractive alternative in terms of price. This will ultimately result in lower energy bills and higher earnings for balancing system deviations.

As the smart battery storage brAIn actively earns a profit from aiding the power grid, the return on investment is increased in a significant way. In the case of high-capacity battery systems, we achieve a payback period from 2.4 years.

2. Optimizes other energy costs

The smart battery storage brAIn is able to compensate for reactive power and prevent exceeding reserved capacity. In some cases, it is also possible to achieve a real reduction in reserved capacity for the customer, since higher energy consumption is covered by electricity stored in batteries. However, for some customers, we may even advise increasing this capacity as the financial effect that the brAIn storage can generate would be much greater, even at the cost of a higher monthly fee for higher reserved capacity.

All this happens thanks to continuous online monitoring and the ability to predict future consumption based on a wide range of past, current and future data, such as consumption patterns, weather forecasts and energy prices.

3. Provides tolerance for deviation

With the brAIn battery storage, we are able to provide our customers with higher tolerance for deviations - that is, for the difference between planned and actual consumption, or production of electricity. This tolerance can range up to 100 percent. We can also take full responsibility for any deviation on our shoulders. Through the service called FUERGY Energy Management as a Service we can save costs on electricity purchased from the supplier.

As you can see, the brAIn really saves money in every direction. However, if you are more interested in its ecological benefits and the possibilities of reducing the carbon footprint, then definitely do not miss our following blog.

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