Choosing battery storage for your business: How to find a safe and efficient solution for modern energy

Energy is currently undergoing a major change. Renewable energy sources are becoming an integral part of our lives and with them, a general awareness of battery storage is growing. In the near future, batteries will play a key role not only in storing surplus solar energy, but also in the overall transition to more sustainable energy.

  • Published: 16. 05. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

Despite the undeniable advantages of battery storage, these devices can be associated with potential concerns. One of the most significant is the risk of ignition, which can arise due to a variety of factors, from technical failures to improper handling of the system.

Battery storage safety

Media reports of fires involving electric cars or e-bikes can naturally raise doubts about the safety of such means of transport. And when it comes to battery storage, news reports combined with a lack of public awareness of battery storage operation and the safety measures that should be taken can lead to worries about their use.

However, it should also be noted that as with electric cars or e-bikes, batteries do not ignite spontaneously. When you choose a verified supplier with a battery from a certified manufacturer and follow its recommendations, you can sleep peacefully.

The most frequently used batteries

Even before we look at the most common causes that can cause battery storage to catch fire, it's good to know that there are several types of batteries on the market. Each features different properties that make them suitable for different applications. The most commonly used batteries include:

  • Lithium-ion (Li-ion) – are the most popular in consumer electronics and electric vehicles due to their high performance, long life and ability to store large amounts of energy relative to their size and weight. Li-Ion batteries have a high energy density and low self-discharge effect. The technology can also be found in stationary battery storage, but Li-ion is not as popular here since the lifespan can be shorter in applications with high charging and discharging frequency, they are sensitive to high or very low temperatures and, despite being equipped with advanced safety mechanisms, there is still a risk of thermal runaway, fire or explosion.
  • Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄ or LFP) – these batteries are known for their safety and long service life. Compared to lithium-ion batteries, they have a lower energy density, but are more resistant to high temperature and have a longer cycle life. LiFePO₄ batteries are suitable for applications where safety and durability are more important than weight, such as stationary battery energy storage systems (BESS).
  • Lithium-nickel cobalt-manganese battery (NCM) – this type of battery is used in the majority of hybrid vehicles and has a higher energy density than traditional nickel cadmium batteries, while also less harmful to the environment. NCM batteries are known for their good resistance to the memory effect and the ability to work at lower temperatures. NCM batteries are designed to minimize the risks associated with thermal runaways, and are also used for some types of interior stationary battery storage systems.
  • Lithium-polymer (Li-Po) – are similar to lithium-ion batteries, but use a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid one. This allows them to be lightweight and can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them convenient for adaptation to specific applications. Li-Po are suitable for applications where design flexibility is needed, such as e-bikes or small electronic devices.

It is very important to consider the proper type of battery for your stationary battery storage. Especially when it comes to the location of a storage installation. If your supplier uses an unsuitable battery type, it risks impaired system performance, storage failure, or increases the risk of fire.

In our brAIn by FUERGY smart battery storage systems, we use certified TŰV batteries based on LiFePO₄ technology.

In all interior designs of brAIn battery storage, we install LiFePO₄ batteries from Pylontech, which have passed even the most demanding fire protection certification UL 9540A. This means they meet stringent safety standards and are designed to minimize the risk of fire or heat leakage, providing a high level of safety and reliability for all applications.

For brAIn outdoor installations, we also plan to use LFP batteries from Huawei in the near future.

The most common causes of battery storage ignition

Inappropriate battery types for energy storage are not the only risk. The most common causes that can lead to battery storage ignition include:

  • Thermal runaway – one of the main causes of fires in battery systems. It occurs when the temperature of the battery rises uncontrollably, which can lead to battery failure, explosion or fire. Thermal runaway can be caused by an internal short circuit, overcharging, mechanical damage or external heating.
  • Electrical failures – short circuits, excessive loads or errors in the control software can cause overheating and ultimately, fire.
  • Mechanical damage – can be caused by improper handling, transportation or external influence, leading to internal short circuits and battery failure.
  • Charging or discharging errors – incorrect charging parameters and chargers can cause overheating or excessive discharge of batteries, increasing the risk of fire.
  • Insufficient cooling or ventilation – high ambient temperature or insufficient heat dissipation from the battery system can lead to overheating and thermal runaway, which can result in a fire.
  • Manufacturing defects – despite advanced quality controls, some batteries may contain manufacturing defects that can lead to failure and potential fire.
  • Aging of batteries – as batteries age, the likelihood of battery failure increases due to the accumulation of microscopic damage and degradation of materials.

For the safe operation of stationary battery storage systems, it is crucial to identify critical factors that can increase fire risk early and understand how they can be monitored and minimised. Fortunately, with modern solutions such as the brAIn by FUERGY, the risk of battery storage fire is significantly minimized.

BrAIn technology from FUERGY and its safety aspects

Ensuring the safety and reliability of battery storage also requires a comprehensive approach that includes professional installation, quality components, advanced technologies and rigorous maintenance. At FUERGY, we understand these challenges and provide not only efficient but also safe solutions.

The safety and reliability of brAIn smart battery storage systems are ensured by:

  • Professional installation: Our qualified experts ensure that components are positioned and connected correctly, and functionality verification tests are performed after installation. This includes simulating different scenarios to see if the repository responds properly before its official launch.
  • Safe battery type: Our brAIn systems use only TÜV certified batteries with LiFePO₄ technology, which offer optimal technical specifications, are as safe as possible in terms of flammability and minimize the risk to life.
  • Battery Management System (BMS): Automatic battery charging and discharge control: The system automatically regulates the charging and discharging of batteries as needed, monitors their status, temperature, voltage and current, and prevents any extreme conditions that could lead to overheating or damage to the batteries. The BMS also monitors the condition of individual cells and disconnects any damaged cell from charging in the case of failure.
  • Energy Management System (EMS): Optimization of total energy consumption and production: The system regulates how energy is used and distributed to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. EMS often integrates data from the BMS, which it uses to decide when and how to use stored energy for optimal efficiency and cost.
  • Ability to anticipate and eliminate technical problems: The brAIn uses advanced prediction mechanisms and machine learning to identify and prevent potential technical problems before they occur. This system is able to anticipate possible battery failures or problems and automatically adjust operating parameters to eliminate any problems. In this way, our brAIn reduces the likelihood of technical errors that could compromise the security of the repository.
  • Electronic Fire Alarm System: This safety system is designed to immediately detect and signal the presence of smoke or excessive temperature rise around the battery storage. The Electronic Fire Alarm System is equipped with advanced detectors that monitor potential threats 24/7 and activate visual and audible alarms for immediate response. The process is initiated by the activation of at least two detectors, ideally detecting various criteria, e.g. smoke and temperature.
  • Fire extinguishing system: Most brAIn by FUERGY smart battery storage systems are equipped with a FirePro aerosol fire extinguishing system, which is able to extinguish any battery fire or keep it under control for up to 50 minutes until firefighters arrive. The advantage of an aerosol fire extinguishing system is that it is not toxic, does not harm the environment and has zero global warming potential (GWP).

No worries about maintenance or service

The security and long-term functionality of the brAIn repositories is a priority for us. FUERGY is the only company in Slovakia that provides complex battery storage solutions tailored to individual customer needs. In addition to fully automated battery technology, regular service and maintenance is also provided.

We take care of our brAIn repositories throughout their entire life cycle. This includes online monitoring with 24/7 diagnostics and regular check-ups. This service is crucial to maintain the security and long-term functionality of the storage.

Tip: Our technology is trusted by large, ecologically minded companies. Check out some of our successful projects.

Stay safe

Our brAIn battery storage is at the forefront of battery system safety. Thanks to innovative solutions and strict monitoring, we provide not only effective but also safe solutions.

Do you still have any doubts about the safety of battery storage? Contact us and we will show you how our brAIn systems are the safest solutions on the market.

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