​​Energy department as a Service

At FUERGY, we offer a completely new service that can help companies optimize their energy costs on multiple levels. It's not even necessary to have a brAIn smart battery storage installed.

  • Published: 04. 03. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

Nowadays, when the energy market is increasingly dynamic and costs remain a burning issue for many operations, the pressure to optimize is even more pronounced, not to mention growing demands to reduce our carbon footprint. For a company operating in a completely different field from energy, these are demands that are quite difficult to navigate. However, with this new service, companies do not even need to use technologies such as solar panels or battery storage to save on energy costs.

Using the Energy Department as a Service by FUERGY, companies gain something like their own dedicated energy team. What does this mean in practice?

Optimization at the level of electricity purchasing

What does a typical electricity procurement look like? An organization approaches several suppliers who will examine its electricity consumption diagrams and total annual consumption. Accordingly, a price per megawatt-hour of electricity consumed is then proposed, with the lowest bid with reasonable contract terms usually winning.

However, the quoted price per megawatt-hour does not only include the charge for the commodity itself, i.e. electricity, but also management charges that protect the supplier from making a loss on individual customers.

One of these charges is the deviation fee, which is related to a supplier's inaccurate planning of its customer's consumption, or a customer's unplanned deviation in consumption. Although larger customers are often required to report any outages and/or changes in their electricity consumption in advance, the plan does not always align with reality. If the supplier's inaccurate plan puts a strain on the power grid and creates a system deviation, the supplier is liable for a penalty. The deviation fee serves to cover this cost, and to eliminate the risk of financial losses, the fee is often quite high.

Efficient reduction of deviation costs

One of the ways a company can optimize this component of the supplier’s electricity rate is through our Energy Department as a Service solution. This means that a company can purchase only the electricity as a commodity itself from its energy supplier, and we take care of all the other technological issues.

Thanks to our highly predictive systems, the use of battery storage and flexibility of currently installed technologies, we are able to better plan and manage energy consumption in real time in operation, effectively eliminating deviations.

The fact that such energy management can be financially very interesting is proven by multiple happy customers, including companies such as Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby, Termonova or Železiarne Podbrezová..

Who is eligible for the Energy Department as a Service solution?

This solution is designed for companies that meet the following criteria:

An annual electricity consumption of more than 1.5 gigawatt hours.
The consumption or production of electricity at the delivery point can be regulated, for example via smart battery storage system brAIn or energy-intensive technologies using our brAIn flexibility solution.
Electricity is supplied by one of FUERGY's partner suppliers.

If the company meets all of the above conditions, we will first carry out an energy audit. As part of the audit, we look at what can be optimized instantly, else we will design and deliver suitable technologies and/or solutions.

The Energy Department as a service includes:

● Smart energy management at the delivery point
● Planning of electricity production and consumption
● 24/7 trading of electricity on the intraday energy market
● Monitoring of the operated energy-intensive devices


● Unbeatable savings on electricity costs
● Efficient management of electricity production and consumption without limiting the operation of the delivery point
● Greater independence from the contractual terms of the electricity supplier

Such energy management may or may not include other solutions delivered from our Energy as a Service portfolio, be it solar panels, the brAIn battery storage or technology regulation. All of these solutions can be deployed together, separately, or in combination.

As a result, the customer can devote full attention to their operations without worry. We will make sure that the best possible energy conditions are available.

What can a company get as a service?

You can save on electricity costs without having to invest in green technologies such as solar panels or battery storage. Get in touch with us! Our experts are here to help you find a solution tailored to your needs.

New dimension of energy optimization

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