FUERGY and HUAWEI signed a strategic cooperation agreement in China

FUERGY signed a strategic cooperation agreement in China with the world leader in the field of smart energy, HUAWEI. This partnership will allow us to expand our portfolio of battery components with the most modern technologies in the field of integrated smart energy.

  • Published: 27. 05. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

As a strategic integrator of Huawei batteries in Slovakia, using our own software for smart control, we are ready to offer to our current and future clients comprehensive expertise and professional implementation of these advanced systems.

Our main goal is to ensure that every client receives first-class solutions at unbeatable prices, while guaranteeing high-quality professional service and operation of Huawei battery storage systems across the entire product range.

Solutions for companies and households

When we talk about product range, we don't just mean high-capacity systems, but also total solutions for small businesses and households. A separate project dedicated to the demands of small-scale battery storage is on the way, about which we will inform you soon.

The sector of domestic battery systems in Slovakia and the Czech Republic is growing fast, especially due to the rising interest in renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency. This trend is also supported by legislative changes and government incentives to promote sustainable technologies.

We want every single electricity consumer to have access to green and affordable energy. However, small-scale systems require a different approach. We are currently intensively preparing a range of new solutions. Stay tuned, make sure you don't miss this news.

World-class battery manufacturer

Today, China is the clear leader in battery cell manufacturing, owing its dominant position to its extensive production capacity and investment in the development of these technologies. Batteries and battery management systems (BMS) are also the only components of our brAIn battery storage that we import from Asia. All other parts are European.

Since the beginning of the FUERGY project, we have mainly used batteries and BMS systems from Pylontech, which was named one of the top 50 Chinese innovative companies by Forbes magazine in 2022. Over these past few years, this company has made remarkable progress and we are extremely satisfied with their batteries. We have also built exceptional relationships that help us overcome all possible kinds of obstacles.

FUERGY expands portfolio

However, the time has come to diversify our portfolio of suppliers with new technologies that provide different advantages over Pylontech batteries. Pylontech is also a strong partner with all the necessary certificates and standards for the safe operation of battery storage.

While Pylontech has batteries suitable for indoor buildings and smaller outdoor systems, Huawei's high-capacity batteries are suitable for larger, outdoor projects.

Thanks to cooperation with Pylontech and Huawei, we are now able to assemble a battery system for customers that meets their specifics and conditions, one that provides the best price/performance ratio and works as efficiently as possible.

Software made in Slovakia

The brain of our brAIn smart battery systems continues to be our unique software and Energy Management System, which independently decides and manages batteries according to the needs of the customer and the entire electrical network.

More precisely, this software turns batteries into smart storage. It also allows us to connect other devices through which we can regulate the production and consumption of electricity and build a new dimension of energy – integrated smart energy.

All necessary energy data is recorded and stored on the FUERGY cloud or on the customer's servers, if it is required, thereby ensuring maximum data protection.

Why choose FUERGY?

Working with Huawei gives us direct access to the latest innovations and technologies in the field of sustainable energy. Our clients can benefit from products that meet the top of global standards, with access to experts who are directly involved in their development and innovation.

Join us on the journey to a better and more sustainable future. Get advice from experts who know HUAWEI technology down to the smallest detail and have direct contact with its developers and engineers.

New dimension of energy optimization

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