FUERGY is a newly authorized company for certification of ancillary services

There is more news from FUERGY. We have become one of only five authorized companies in Slovakia that are permitted to perform certification measurements for those interested in providing ancillary services.

  • Published: 11. 01. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

What does this mean? We can provide our brAIn smart battery storage as an even more comprehensive all-in-one solution that is suitable not only for non-certified support services, but certified as well.

Smart battery storage systems, such as brAIn by FUERGY, can do much more than just store off-peak nighttime electricity or surplus solar energy generated by solar panels. Their role consists of mainly helping the power grid deal with surpluses and shortages of electricity and providing so-called ancillary services. The owners of such support systems are then also financially remunerated for these services.

What are ancillary services?

Ancillary services are system services purchased by the transmission system operator (SEPS in Slovakia) in order to maintain the quality of electricity supply and ensure the reliability and operation of the power grid. Without maintaining the power grid in balance, there would be a risk of electricity supply shortages, limitations in the operation of energy sources and, in the worst case, a total system failure, the so-called blackout.

The activation of ancillary services results in a supply of regulation electricity, which may be positive or negative, depending on whether there is currently a surplus or a shortage of electricity in the system. Such ancillary services must be certified by TSO.

According to the activation speed necessary for the device providing regulation electricity, we can divide certified ancillary services into:

  • Primary, otherwise known as Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR for short), with activation under 30 seconds,

  • Secondary, otherwise known as automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR for short), with activation up to 300 seconds, and

  • Tertiary, otherwise known as manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR for short) with activation up to 750 seconds.

Secondary and Tertiary ancillary services may offer positive and/or negative regulation electricity.

Certified versus non-certified ancillary services

Until recently, we used our solutions only to provide non-certified ancillary services. In this case, electricity consumption or production is regulated within the customer's delivery point (i.e. behind the smart meter) without contractually committing to the availability of supplying regulation electricity.

As a source that provides non-certified ancillary services, such a solution does not have to meet the technical and commercial conditions defined by SEPS.

In addition:

  • Our solutions provide regulation electricity for financial rewards only at times when it is technically possible and financially advantageous for the customer.

  • The provision of regulation electricity is done by charging or discharging brAIn batteries, or by reducing or increasing the power input / output of energy-intensive technologies, also called flexibility brAIn.

  • Regulation happens in the direction of the counter-deviation and is settled by the electricity supplier.

Today, however, our solutions are also authorised to provide certified ancillary services, where we commit to availability. This requires us to provide regulation electricity anytime the TSO requests. A financial reward is received not only in return for the regulation electricity provided, but also for the availability itself, i.e. the waiting time. However, in the event of any failure to provide the regulation electricity or to meet the contractually agreed availability, a penalty is imposed.

And not only are we able to deliver these services through our solutions, but we are also able to officially verify and certify devices that are technologically capable of providing ancillary support before they are launched. This is for all types of ancillary services.

How are ancillary services purchased?

Purchasing ancillary services has its own rules, which are governed by specific technical conditions and operating rules. In short, this means that SEPS purchases regulation electricity only from certified ancillary service providers.

Purchasing itself shall be open, transparent and non-discriminatory on the basis of the provisions of the operating rules. A tendering procedure shall be carried out in accordance with the Framework contract for the provision of ancillary services and supply of regulation electricity.

The guarantee of compliance with the conditions for the provision of ancillary services must meet the following criteria:

  • Each device providing ancillary services has a certificate for the anciilary service in question.

  • Certificates are issued on the basis of certification measurements carried out by organisations, natural or legal persons capable of granting authorisation.

  • The conditions for granting authorisation to a certifier are governed by the TSO’s technical terms.

Battery storage - a new player in ancillary services

Up to now, ancillary services have been offered primarily by fossil sources or hydroelectric power plants, which we have quite a lot of in Slovakia.

In the area of providing certified ancillary services, battery storage is now also coming into play. Unlike traditional ancillary service providers, battery storage is able to deliver regulating electricity in an emission-free, fast and much more flexible way. This technology can be installed seamlessly and basically anywhere. As a technology capable of providing all types of ancillary services, battery storage systems are fast becoming one of the keys to the green transformation.

You can't do it without certification

As mentioned above, the guarantee of compliance with the conditions for the provision of ancillary services must meet demanding criteria. Therefore, certification measurements may only be carried out by professional guarantors with a valid certificate of professional competence of electrical engineers to perform activities on the technical equipment. Today, we at FUERGY are able to provide these services, as we have joined the List of authorisation holders for ancillary service certification.

Following the success of launching our own ASDR terminal, we continue to further expand our capabilities and capacities to offer our customers even more comprehensive turnkey solutions designed to their exact needs and capabilities.

Receiving such a prestigious authorisation is a testament to our ongoing efforts to innovate the energy industry and improve energy services. At the same time, we believe we can bring a higher level of credibility, transparency and quality to the entire energy sector. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media!

You can also become part of the renewable energy revolution and take your energy independence to the next level. Contact us today! Our experts are here to help you find a solution tailored to your needs!

New dimension of energy optimization

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