Why a Virtual Battery should NOT be your first choice

Are you considering using a virtual battery for your solar panel system? In the world of renewable energy sources, virtual batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to efficiently store electricity. However, they are not always the ideal solution.

  • Published: 20. 06. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

In the article "Virtual batteries offer different advantages, what are the disadvantages" we compared two types of batteries – virtual batteries and physical batteries. We presented the pros and cons, explored the strengths and weaknesses of both solutions, and collectively concluded that more advantages can be attributed to the physical ones.

However, if you're still on the fence about implementing a virtual battery in your network instead of smart battery storage brAIn by FUERGY, here are some additional arguments as to why it shouldn't be your #1 choice.

3x why NOT a virtual battery

Although today's solar panels combined with a virtual battery are a popular combination, as we found out in a recent blog, it may not always be the best solution.

1. Load on the electrical network

In some cases, the use of a virtual battery and the uncontrolled "storage" of solar surpluses can burden the electrical grid, which has to deal with excess energy produced by fossil-fuel sources. From an ecological point of view, this can be a problem and if you care about the planet and low CO2 emissions, you should invest in a physical battery instead.

2. It is only worthwhile with a certain amount.

A virtual battery will not be cost-effective if you supply only a small amount of electricity to the grid, which often happens with households. Since you pay a distribution fee (approximately 50% of the total price per kilowatt-hour of electricity) as well as a monthly fee, the virtual battery service becomes worthwhile only after a certain amount of stored electricity, which depends on various factors in your solar panel system. With a smaller volume, it is better to draw electricity directly from the grid.

3. Lack of control

Choosing a virtual battery service keeps you dependent on your supplier. In the case where the distribution network is non-functional for some reason, the virtual battery will also not work. In today's unpredictable times, suppliers can increase prices significantly and change conditions without notice, leaving you to either accept the new terms or find another supplier. The lack of control you have over your own system discourages many from using virtual batteries.

Battery storage, making your solar panels more efficient

Fortunately, there is a better and safer solution: the brAIn smart battery storage from FUERGY, which offers all the benefits of physical batteries. Thanks to its ability to maximize energy from green sources, your solar panels are not only more efficient, but also more profitable.

Using only the best materials and construction methods guarantees quality and long service life. Despite initial costs, your investment into the FUERGY system will be soon paid off. The result is a pleasant and regular income that you will certainly appreciate.

You can also become part of the renewable energy revolution and take your energy independence to the next level. Contact us today! Our experts are here to help you find a solution tailored to your needs!

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