Heating plant

Regulator trAId for steam-gas cycle and cogeneration units

Production point: Veolia, Levice

The heating plants are the ideal use case for our solution trAId by FUERGY. We have implemented it for the company Veolia in the second half of 2021. trAId provides smart management of the steam-gas cycle, which includes a gas turbine with an output of 40 MW and a condensing unit as well as six cogeneration units with an output of 2 MW. trAId automatically regulates these energy sources in order to achieve the best possible revenue from the provision of ancillary services mFRR+ / mFRR- while using the capacity of energy sources in accordance with the technical conditions for the provision of these services.

  • 52 MW

Chemical plant

Regulator trAId for cogeneration units

Production point: Chemosvit Energochem, Svit

One of the core activities of the company Chemosvit Energochem is the generation and distribution of heat and electricity. The electricity is consumed either directly on the Chemosvit site or it is used to provide ancillary services mFRR+ / mFRR- . The trAId solution offers smart control of cogeneration units with a total output of 2 MW and aims to maximize the revenue from the provision of ancillary services.

Production point’s investment costs: EUR 0 under the Energy as a Service model.

  • 2 MW