Energy as a Service - Financing options for the brAIn smart battery storage

Our brAIn battery storage can be a relatively expensive technology for some companies to commit to. Fortunately, there is a model which allows the brAIn to be utilized as a service, requiring not a single euro of investment. Companies can enjoy all the benefits and savings from the first day of the battery storage operation. This is possible through the model of Smart battery storage brAIn as a Service, which effectively connects investors with companies interested in battery storage rental. Who could be such an investor?

  • Published: 12. 09. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

Attractive return on investment

The smart battery storage brAIn is exceptional in that it actively produces income itself by providing non-certified ancillary services. Payback is thus much faster than if it were only used to store solar energy surpluses. In the case of high-capacity storages of 432 kWh, we achieve the full return on investment in as low as 2.4 years, while the life of the batteries can reach up to 15 years.

This sounds like a good investment project, don't you think?

A business model based on the so-called success fee

The financial model applied to all FUERGY solutions is based on a success fee, that is, a share of the financial effect realized by managing the production and consumption of electricity effectively on the customer's side.

The total financial effect generated by the smart battery storage brAIn is shared among all entities involved in the energy management process:

  • Customer – as provider of the possibility to install the brAIn battery storage to regulate the consumption and production of electricity;
  • Energy supplier - as a financial effect accountant;
  • FUERGY – as a provider of energy management and know-how;
  • Investor – as a provider of the funds necessary for the purchase of technology.

When it comes to profit sharing, the majority share of the financial effect goes to the investor, for a simple reason: his initial investment should be repaid in the shortest possible time. This is also why not every company is a suitable candidate for the Smart battery storage brAIn as a Service model. Insufficient regulation potential or an installation that requires expensive construction or electrical installation modifications results in a slower return on investment, making the project less attractive for investors.

The remaining share of the achieved financial effect is distributed among the customer, energy supplier and FUERGY..

Who can be an investor?

If a company meets the conditions for renting a smart battery storage brAIn, there are three financing options:

  • storage financed by FUERGY – the company receives a fixed percentage of the achieved financial effect. The yield varies each month, but this option offers the opportunity for higher overall income.

  • storage financed by the energy supplier Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby – the company receives a fixed amount of remuneration for allowing installation of the brAIn storage. At FUERGY, we guarantee that within five years, the battery storage in the SEES property will pay for itself. Of course, it can also be shorter. After five years, i.e. after the investment has been fully repaid, the reward for the company increases.

  • storage financed by a third party – the battery storage brAIn is also attractive for investors who are interested in financing green technologies. In this case, the conditions for profit sharing are agreed individually.

All of the above financing options can provide companies with our smart battery storage brAIn for free. Our energy audit will decide whether the company is a suitable candidate for battery storage rental. This audit is performed separately for each delivery point.

Are you eligible to install the smart battery storage brAIn as a service? Provide a little information about yourself and get a customized offer.

What models are available as a Service?

Solar panels as a Service
Smart battery storage brAIn as a Service
Technology regulation as a Service
Energy department as a Service

We are living in the future of energy. Are you?

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