Photovoltaics is a technology that enables the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy using solar panels. This technology is key to the transition towards sustainable and renewable energy. The correct term for this technology is derived from the unit of electric voltage, volt, which in Slovak takes the form "voltický." Therefore, photovoltaics is an important component of modern solutions for producing clean energy, helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contributing to environmental protection.

Positive electricity price

A positive electricity price is a situation in the electricity market where consumers pay a typical price for the electricity they consume, as determined by market mechanisms. This is the most common scenario in energy markets and reflects the balance between the demand for electricity and its supply.

Production point

A delivery point is a place where electricity is produced and physically delivered into the transmission system. This point consists of one measurable point that records the amount of delivered energy. The delivery point is crucial for monitoring and managing the flow of electricity from production sources into the broader energy network, ensuring accurate measurement and accounting of the delivered energy.