Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

A UPS ensures the safety and operation of critical computer systems, IT and other electronic equipment during power surges and power outages by providing immediate backup power from batteries when the power flow drops to insufficient voltage or stops.

Unregulated energy consumer

An unregulated electricity consumer is an individual or legal entity that consumes electricity based on a contract with an electricity supplier, but the supply price is not regulated by the Regulatory office for network industries (ÚRSO). Instead, the price is determined based on market conditions and the agreement between the consumer and the supplier. This category includes businesses with annual consumption over 30 MWh of electricity or 100 MWh of gas. Such consumers have greater flexibility in negotiating prices and can take advantage of various competitive offers in the electricity market.

Unregulated consumers often include large industrial enterprises and commercial entities with high electricity consumption, looking for ways to optimize their energy costs.