Choosing battery storage for your business: Professional installation and management

The professional installation and management of battery storage as well as regular service and maintenance are all necessary to ensure safety, optimal performance and maximum economic returns on your investment. Read why it's important to entrust these tasks to professionals and how to ensure that your battery storage works optimally and reliably.

  • Published: 18. 06. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

In previous articles in the series Choosing a battery storage for your business, we focused on defining your expectations, determining optimal capacity and the safety of battery storage. Today we will discuss installation and control, as well as the service and maintenance of these devices.

Choose the professionals

Professional installation of battery storage is crucial to ensure safety, optimize performance and meet technical and legislative requirements. It is important that the company you choose for installation has qualified and experienced technicians who will not only minimize the risk of accidents, but also ensure that the system works efficiently and cost-effectively.

When choosing a company to install battery storage, it is important to pay attention to several key factors that testify to the company’s professionalism and expertise.

Professional companies:

  • Hold certificates and licenses that show qualifications and compliance with all technical and legislative requirements
  • Provide a transparent portfolio of completed projects with positive reviews
  • Employ reliable experts who provide detailed consultations, develop customized plans based on the your specific needs and offer long-term support after installation
  • Work with the latest technologies and certified components, which guarantees maximum efficiency and security of the storage
  • Ideally offer comprehensive services – from design and installation to monitoring, service and maintenance.

Companies that meet these criteria offer confidence that the battery storage system installation will be carried out to the highest standards and that the investment will be worth it.

FUERGY is the only full-service energy technology company in Slovakia. This means that if you decide to purchase battery storage from us, we will take care of the entire implementation process, from energy analysis through installation, storage management to service and maintenance.

Battery storage installation

Installing battery storage is a complex process involving several steps:

1. Securing permits: All necessary permits must be obtained from the relevant distribution companies and regulatory authorities before actual installation can begin. This involves submitting applications, preparing technical documentation and meeting administrative requirements.

FUERGY also offers battery storage installation as a service. This means that we will take care of all administrative tasks in cooperation with the energy supplier.

2. Installation site preparation: Qualified technicians will professionally inspect the installation site. When it comes to indoor installations, the substation capacity to connect battery storage to will be verified and adequate ventilation of the space ensured. Preparation of the installation site may also include construction and engineering work, such as modifications to the electrical installation or a change in the purpose of the building.

For example, in the case of battery storage in the Tower 115 administrative building, the purpose of the building was changed from a transformer station to a battery storage facility. Installation of equipment at the National Football Stadium required the floor to be reinforced.

In the case of exterior installations, technicians inspect the potential installation site and suggest possible terrain adjustments to ensure a strong, stable base for the battery storage.

3. Installation of battery storage: Installation itself begins with the assembly of all battery storage components, including batteries, inverters and control systems.

4. Battery activation and testing: The final step of the installation process is to activate the battery system, which involves launching and simulating an internet communication with the FUERGY software remotely. When everything works correctly, battery formation follows, in which we monitor the behavior of the batteries and fine-tune the system for optimal performance.

5. Commissioning: After successfully completing the testing phase, the battery storage system is ready to be commissioned for operational use. Final verification of all systems and settings is performed to ensure that the storage system operates optimally and reliably. Technicians perform final checks to verify that all components are correctly configured and fully functional. Once verified, the system is officially commissioned and begins providing energy services such as grid stabilization, energy consumption optimization and storage of excess surpluses from renewable sources.

If the battery storage is also used to provide certified ancillary services, certification for the transmission system operator is also required.

Battery storage management

Professional installation of battery storage is important for its regular function and safety, but installation alone is not enough to ensure its optimal and long-term performance. In order for the repository to operate efficiently, safely and economically, it is important that it is also properly managed.

Improper battery storage management can lead to several problems, including:

  • Underutilization of storage capacity: Many storage systems use less than two-thirds of their capacity, prolonging the return on investment period.
  • Rapid decline in usable storage capacity: Improper charging and discharging can lead to an annual decrease in capacity of up to 30%.
  • Battery damage: The biggest risk is battery ignition, which can cause serious damages and compromise safety.

Our brAIn smart battery storage systems are equipped with an Energy Management System (EMS) that controls the storage via the FUERGY Control Unit.

The EMS performs many irreplaceable tasks that are important for the efficient function of the brAIn battery storage. These tasks include:

  • Monitoring the current situation: Monitors what is happening at the customer's site and in the entire power grid, the BMS system and the battery charge status.
  • Weather Monitoring: Predicts and responds to weather changes, which affects energy production and consumption.
  • Energy Price Monitoring: Optimizes the purchase and sale of energy based on current prices.

The EMS decides how much and from what source the brAIn storage will store or release electricity so that it benefits both the customer and the entire power grid. Thanks to EMS, the brAIn storage is able to better manage locally produced energy and helps stabilize the power grid, for which it receives a financial effect.

Regular maintenance and service

After commissioning a battery storage system, it's important to consider that operating the system without regular maintenance and servicing can significantly shorten battery lifespan, reduce system performance and efficiency. The risk of failures increases, which can lead to unplanned downtime and financial losses.

Insufficient maintenance can also compromise safety, increase the probability of fire or other hazardous situations and result in falling out of compliance with technical and regulatory requirements, leading to legal and financial consequences.

To ensure long-term reliability and performance of the battery storage, it is important to perform regular maintenance and servicing. This includes:

  • Regular battery health checks
  • EMS software updates
  • Preventive maintenance to identify and solve potential problems.

Invest in professional services

We have covered the entire process of choosing battery storage, from determining expectations and capacity, through professional installation and effective management, to the importance of regular maintenance and service. Now that you have a complete overview of what the efficient use of battery storage requires, why not try out all the benefits that this system brings to your company?

Properly installed and managed battery storage will not only ensure higher energy efficiency and safety, but also an economic return on your investment.

Contact us today. Our experts are here to help you find a solution customized to your needs.

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