certified ancillary service

the contractual provision of regulation electricity (positive or negative) by an entity that meets the technical and commercial conditions determined by TSO regulations. A contractual commitment to the minimum availability of regulation electricity is required.

According to the activation speed necessary for the device providing regulation electricity, we can divide certified ancillary services into:

  • Primary, otherwise known as Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR for short), with activation under 30 seconds,
  • Secondary, otherwise known as automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR for short), with activation up to 300 seconds, and
  • Tertiary, otherwise known as manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR for short) with activation up to 750 seconds.

Financial rewards are offered for the regulation electricity provided, as well as for availability even when regulation electricity is not provided. In the event that the TSO detects an entity's inability to comply with the agreed availability period, the entity is fined.

Certified ancillary service is mainly provided by entities burning fossil-fuels, such as heating plants and diesel generators. Green providers of certified ancillary services can be transfer tanks or entities burning biomass, and now also battery storage systems.